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Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

Program Details



How the Coaching Program is Structured

The initial 2 hour Discovery & Design Session lays the foundation for the program. This meeting is followed by 12 one hour sessions, each based on a chapter of the Now What? text.

Naming what "It" is (Chapters 1 - 7)

  • Chapter One: What You Hate Gives a Name to What You Want
  • Chapter Two: With Every Gain, There is a Loss
  • Chapter Three: Most Limits are Self-Imposed
  • Chapter Four: The Past Holds the Clues to the Future
  • Chapter Five: Your Purpose in Life is Right Under Your Nose
  • Chapter Six: Your Purpose Needs a Vehicle (Research Project)
  • Chapter Seven: Your Criteria for Happiness: Is This Really "It"?

Getting There (Chapters 8 - 12)

  • Chapter Eight: The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line (Money Issues)
  • Chapter Nine: Life Often Does Imitate Art: Write Your Own Fiction
  • Chapter Ten: Put Yourself in Opportunity's Way
  • Chapter Eleven: You Don't Have To Do It Alone
  • Chapter Twelve: Following Your Life Blueprint

Discover your "Life Blueprint" and change your life

The Now What? Coaching Program helps you to change your life from the inside out. You learn to separate who you are from what you do; your gifts from the package they're currently wrapped in. As a result, you open possibilities previously unavailable to you.

While the Now What? text provides the structure for your program, this is not cookie-cutter coaching. You have permission to bring anything that's up for you to our sessions. Coaching is about who you're being while you're doing the tasks that will move you forward. Anything relevant to you can't be ignored or it may impede your progress.

As your coach, I help you to access, recognize, and utilize your innate wisdom. I help you to arrive at the answers to questions you may not even realize you have. You then take what you learn and reframe your life, designing an action plan to implement the changes you're passionate about making.




How much does the Now What? Coaching Program cost?

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