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A Seasoned Mentor For New Coaches

As your Mentor Coach, I'll assist you to create a coaching practice that supports you in every way.

It takes business acumen along with great coaching skills to create your successful coaching business.

When I attended The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) there were many talented coaches-in-training there with me. Each had spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on coach training, hoping to move into an inspiring career and to create a successful coaching practice. But years later, many of the most talented coaches I went to school with are no longer in business—because it takes more than coaching skills to create a thriving practice.

You need marketing acumen, management skills, sales capability, tenacity, and often two to three years of diligent work to develop a flourishing business. As your Mentor Coach, I'll support you to create a practice that supports you in every way.


From One Solopreneur to Another...

As a sole practitioner for over 30 years, I understand the challenges of developing and managing a successful practice. If you see yourself as a dedicated and service oriented coach, I can help you to attain greater business success. Here are some of the issues my mentoring clients focus on:

  • Setting yourself up for success from the inside out
  • Identifying your niche—which clients do you want to serve?
  • Marketing—how do you attract potential clients in a way that is comfortable and authentic?
  • Developing your web presence—whether you choose to build it yourself or hire a pro, I'll guide you through the process of developing a web site that truly works for your business
  • Sales—how do you get that potential client to choose you?
  • Coaching—How do you serve each client in a way that serves you both?
  • Creating your business—Learn the scoop on business licenses, insurance, bookkeeping, client payment options, etc
  • Certification Mentoring—Receive support and encouragement through your coach training, testing, and beyond.
  • Credentialing—What are the benefits for both you and your clients?
  • Maintaining a balanced life—Do you walk your talk as a professional coach?

I'd be happy to discuss your coach training and your coaching needs. Please contact me to see if I'm the right coach to help you grow your practice.


Taping Tips For Coaching Students ...

If you're in a coach certification program, and need to record your client sessions for supervision, there's an easier way to do so than taping on an analog recorder. I highly recommend a service called Audio Acrobat which enables you to digitally record your client phone calls. If you team up with others in your certification group, you could open one account and split the monthly fee. Audio Acrobat also allows you to both stream audios or download them from your web sit and it offers numerous other features. Check it out!


Read about my rates for coaching businesses.


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What My Clients Say:

"You are a brilliant co-creator for me. I am using many of your ideas to move forward with my coaching practice. I'm sure as I get more confident I will start developing things that are uniquely my own based on the foundation you and CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) are providing to me. I am thrilled that I have you in my corner. I feel like I can ask you any question and get great feedback and powerful questions that will help me deepen my own sense of myself as coach. Armed with this knowledge, I feel like I can move purposely forward. I feel that you are 'holding' my budget and my goals for me so I can let go of them and concentrate on what will make me an inspiring coach for others. I feel a deep trust and confidence in you and in our relationship. It is what I've always wanted! I feel that I can be my most exuberant self with you and that you can hold that...Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Boulder, CO