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About Life Coaching

How Does Coaching Work?

There is alchemy in the coaching relationship—a magic that weaves itself through the fabric of your life. This starts with our very first session.

Your coaching adventure begins with an initial 2 hour Discovery and Design session where we will design our coaching relationship and discover what you initially wish to focus on. We will use various tools and exercises to help you to identify your foundational values and your vision for the future.

After our initial session, we have ongoing, weekly phone meetings, your choice of 30 or 60 minutes in length. I'll ask you questions and use coaching techniques specifically designed to help you access your own instinctive understanding of your life. Through this process, you'll discover how to identify and then change what's not working in order to create a more productive, fulfilled, and balanced life; one where waking up each morning can be fun again.


Coaching is a vibrant and dynamic process that creates change.

Throughout the duration of your coaching, you continue to acquire and utilize tools that become yours for life. You learn to turn off your negative internal voice that says, "You'll never be able to accomplish that!" and replace it with an inner sense that you can accomplish whatever you want because you have the tools to successfully move forward.


As your life coach, I am your ally for intentional change.

Coaching is perfect for anyone who feels stuck or confused about direction, while remaining committed to creating positive change for themselves, and for anyone who has chosen a new direction, and wants to be supported, guided, and challenged to move forward. Coaching pairs deep learning with action so that you actually see measurable results in your life. You move towards a more fulfilled, balanced, and productive life, in a relatively short time period.


Why my clients choose coaching:

  • to create a rewarding career
  • to develop entrepreneurial skills
  • to find balance between family & work
  • to recreate relationships
  • to find the right relationship
  • to create a life with more energy and fun
  • to create a healthier lifestyle
  • to integrate spirit into daily life
  • to create a healthy relationship to wealth
  • to be challenged to move forward when stuck
  • to have support during a time of powerful transition


As your life coach, I will:

  • be unbiased and not judgmental
  • hold your vision for the future
  • brainstorm with you to discover unseen options
  • hold you accountable to your own agenda
  • challenge you to extend your capacities
  • remind you of your accomplishments and capabilities when you feel down
  • not let you off the hook when you are lazy
  • celebrate your successes when you win
  • be with you, wherever you are
  • tell the truth, no matter what

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What My Clients Say:

"Thank you so much!! The first coaching session was so amazing. I feel so much more connected to myself—my values, my delight, my bliss—and so quickly! You are wonderfully gifted, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met you and to have the opportunity to work with you."
San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for our wonderful Discovery & Design session yesterday! Your warmth and kindness really put me at ease. I felt completely comfortable as well as excited about the issues we discussed. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious—what a great gift you have!"
Sarah Richards
Manteca, CA

"I'm calling to tell you what a success yesterday was with my new attitude. I want to thank you for your encouragement, support, and hanging in there with me. Thanks."
Wynn Burkett
San Francisco, CA

"I am different than I was when this began . . . Up until recently I felt it was difficult to fully express my essence. I believe this essence has always been there, just like the figure encased in stone before Michelangelo released it with his sculpting. I am creating my life. This is a new and joyous experience."
Pam Wheelock
Chesterton, IN