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Some of My Clients' Web Sites & Links

Amazing folks with much talent, soul, and heart...



creates the best pet-centric products possible using organic dye free and reclaimed natural materials—dog and cat toys, bedding and other products. 5% of their total annual sales go to no-kill and rescue organizations.

Daisy Eneix, Fine Artist
In her Artist's Statement Daisy Eneix says about the body, "It is in a constant state of resonance between the visceral and the ephemeral. I want to make that resonance visible." Her art is a reflection of this resonance. A respected art educator as well as gifted artist, Daisy's commitment to her vision is reflected in her work.

Rosemary Serluca, Author of Genevieve's Gift
an award-winning children’s picture book with heart warming illustrations. Both children and adults are inspired to value their intuition through the fun antics of a feisty and endearing little girl named Genevieve.

Cori Brett, Golf Writer and Consultant
Cori's the go-to professional for everything relating to the world of golf and the luxury lifestyle.

Voice of Dance
is the ultimate online resource for dance, whose mission is to promote the art form of dance through the power of the Internet.

A product born out of necessity—by a mother of young children needing both to organize the many notices and fliers generated by her kids' activities, and to generate income while staying at home with her kids.

Magpie Decorative Painting and Muralettes Wall Decals
This company creates original, contemporary, affordable and fun apply-them-yourself muralettes for kids' rooms everywhere—as well as sophisticated one-of-a-kind wall murals and faux finishes for San Francisco Bay Area homes and businesses.

Tobi Designs
Tobi Designs is a leading publications design firm whose motto is, "If it has pages, turn to us." They help companies and non-profits build relationships through their annual reports, custom magazines, books and white papers.

Chopsticks, Please
Contemporary greeting cards with an Asian twist—including custom party invitations, Lunar New Year cards, adoption cards, and more.

I Survived Documentary
A powerful video documentary—a story of addiction, codependency and recovery—one woman's journey of self healing and transformation.

By day Tim Svenonius is the Producer of Interactive Technologies at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the rest of the time he's a passionate artist and writer. His evocative paintings span the realms between dreams and waking, and his writings make his sensitive perceptions come alive.

Holly Payne, Novelist
Author of highly acclaimed novels: The Sound of Blue and The Virgin's Knot and her newest, Kingdom of Simplicity.

Greg Munger, Fine Artist
A Software Developer for a major corporation, Greg is passionate about art. He creates luscious landscapes and still life paintings as well as abstract art, painting in the post-impressionistic tradition in both oils and acrylics.

Angelic Touch
Certified Sadja and Reiki Master. Reconnect with your mind, body and spirit. Participate in your own healing.

Shelley Puentes, Mortgage Consultant, Northern California
A Residential Loan Officer serving the Mountain House, Pleasanton, Livermore and Modesto areas of California. Shelley is a home loan expert who can walk you through the learning curve, and facilitate the process so that you get the loan you need.


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