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Are You Ready to Change Your Life For the Better?

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My passion is empowering women in transition to make choices that really work. Life Coaching is how I do it.

San Francisco Life Coach Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC

You are the ultimate expert on your own life; and I'm expert at supporting you to make choices that will bring you more vibrancy and vitality. Do you remember a time when you awakened each morning feeling excited and energized by what the day might bring? I'd love to help you discover what can make that happen for you again.

My passion is working with any woman who is ready for change: from professionals longing for zest in their work to new moms seeking balance; from empty nesters facing limitless possibility to a new graduate seeking direction; from a bride-to-be just starting out to a mid-lifer ready to redesign her life.

Coaching brings you clarity about your life by teaching you how to tap into and trust your own wisdom. The weekly life coaching sessions support deep learning—about your desires, your blocks, your values, and your goals; as well as enabling your capacity to create a plan and move forward. You're empowered to take intentional action to change your life for the better—and often, more quickly than you might have dared to imagine.

Nothing is more exciting and rewarding for me than coaching a client who is on a quest to discover what she wants her life to be, and who is committed to having that life. That's what excites me when I wake up each day.

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